Fatality rate among hospitalized children <5 years of age

Death rate of hospitalized children under 5 years.

Total number of deaths of hospitalized children under 5 years of age in a given period.

Total number of hospitalized children under 5 years for the same period.

Place of residence, age, sex, socioeconomic status.

WHO hospital quality assessment tool and SARA (service availability and readiness assessment)

Hospital records and registers, outcome forms and death case reviews.

The hospital mortality rate is an indicator of hospital performance and quality of care.

Data to inform this indicator is readily available, as it is usually collected by health management information systems, and simply requires recording the number of deaths that occurred within a given period (the numerator) and the number of admissions or discharges during the same period (the denominator). When possible, it could be stratified by age, 0–1 month, 2–11 months and 12–59 months, with the option of including deaths occurring within 24 h of admission as a measure of how well emergency cases are managed.

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