Health Outcomes and Impact

The health outcomes and impact collection includes results-based financing indicators that monitor change in the health status of an individual, group or population, which is attributable to a planned intervention or series of interventions, regardless of whether such an intervention was intended to change health status. This collection includes measures of morbidity and mortality. 

The RBF Indicator Compendium has three other collections: structural, quality of services, and service use and intervention coverage

Adolescent fertility rate
Case fatality rate for diarrhoea
Case fatality rate for pneumonia
Cesarean sections as a percent of all births
Children aged under 5 years who are underweight
Children aged under 5 years who are overweight
Children under 5 years who are stunted
Children under 5 years who are wasted
Facility neonatal mortality rate
Fatality rate among hospitalized children <5 years of age
Hospital admission rates
Incidence of low birth weight among newborns
Institutional maternal mortality ratio
Intrapartum or fresh stillbirth rate
Percent of infants born to HIV-infected mothers who are infected
Perioperative mortality rate

The Results-based Financing Indicator Compendium for RMNCAH Initiatives provides a list of indicators that may be used in the design of programs that distribute incentives to healthcare providers for good performance. You may also find indicators that will be useful for the monitoring and evaluation of a results-based financing program for RMNCAH.

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