Data Demand and Use Publications

Applying User-Centered Design to Data Use Challenges: What We Learned

Conceptual Framework for Community-Based HIV Program Data Demand and Use

Data Demand and Information Use in the Health Sector: A Conceptual Framework

Data Demand and Use in the Health Sector: Case Study Series

Data Use in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Malaria Program: National and Provincial Results

Data Use in the Indian Health Sector

Data Visualization That Works - Facilitating HIV Program Targeting: Case Examples and Considerations

Decision Maker Perceptions in Kenya and Nigeria

Defining Electronic Health Technologies and Their Benefits for Global Health Program Managers

Directives des réunions de revue des données: pour évaluer et améliorer la performance

Impact of a Decision-support Tool on Decision Making at the District Level in Kenya

Improving the Use of Health Data for Health System Strengthening

Improving Demand for and Use of Data Strengthens HIV/AIDS Programs in Rwanda

Review of Constraints to Using Data for Decision Making: Recommendations to Inform the Design of Interventions

Strengthening an Organization's Capacity to Demand and Use Data

Strengthening Family Planning Programs with Data: Creating a Culture of Data Demand and Use

Strengthening Health Service Delivery by Community-Based Organizations--The Role of Data

Strengthening OVC Programs with Data

Understanding Data Demand and Use in Kenya – Successes and Challenges in Kakamega, Kilifi, and Kisumu Counties

Using Health Facility Assessment Data to Address Programmatic Questions: Illustrative Examples for Program Managers

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