Tools for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programs

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MEASURE Evaluation standardized approaches, measures, and tools for information gathering within orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) programs.

PEPFAR OVC Survey Toolkit

New indicators and tools developed by MEASURE Evaluation, with support from the OVC technical working group of PEPFAR, simplify and standardize the data needed to set measurable goals for an OVC intervention. Using them, program designers and administrators can now answer questions fundamental to the planning and evaluation of OVC programs worldwide.

PEPFAR MER Essential Survey Indicator Collection Guide

As part of its Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting (MER) guidance, PEPFAR launched a set of outcome indicators for OVC programs in 2014. These outcome indicators are designated as “Essential Survey Indicators,” which means that PEPFAR considers them critical to tracking progress within PEPFAR-funded projects and has therefore made them a reporting requirement. MEASURE Evaluation developed a set of resources to support the collection of the PEPFAR MER Essential Survey Indicators. 

Other Resources

Child Status Index Resources
The Child Status Index (CSI) provides a framework for identifying the needs of children, creating individualized goal-directed service plans for use in monitoring the well-being of children and households, and program-level monitoring and planning at the local level. A CSI toolkit and studies are available.

Core OVC Program Impact Indicators
Set of child and household well-being indicators/suggested survey questions recommended for use in evaluations of OVC programs.

Community Trace and Verify Tool
Provides programs with a way to verify that orphans and vulnerable children who are reported as being provided with services by community-based organizations actually receive services.

OVC Mapping Reference Document
Guidance on how data and geographic mapping can be used to support decision makers and program planners in allocating resources.