The link between HIV/AIDS and recent fertility patterns in Kenya

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Author(s): Magadi M, Agwanda A

Year: 2007

The relationship between fertility and the HIV/AIDS epidemic is not well understood. HIV/AIDS may influence fertility through one or more behavioral and/or biological proximate fertility determinants. In this study, we explore: (i) the regional variations in the link between HIV/AIDS and fertility; (ii) possible mechanisms through which HIV/AIDS may influence fertility; and (iii) the effect of individual and contextual community-level HIV/AIDS factors on fertility. The study is based on secondary analysis of the 2003 Kenya DHS data, which provides a unique opportunity to explore the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the affected populations, being the fourth survey in the international DHS program to include HIV testing, and the first to anonymously link the HIV results with key behavioral, social, and demographic factors at individual and household level.

Filed under: Maternal Health , Fertility , HIV/AIDS