Information Needs for OVC Program Management and Evaluation: A framework


Author(s): Chapman J, Cannon M

Year: 2014

Vulnerable Child Youth Stud. 2014; 9(3).

Programs serving orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) have become increasingly complex over the last decade, necessitating programs to collect more information to ensure adequate management. Programs are also facing greater pressure to demonstrate an interest in understanding impact and value for money, which is similarly leading to changes in the ways programs collect information and the types of information collected. In order to gather such information and contain costs, governments and programs are collecting increasing amounts of information at every interaction with program beneficiaries. This has led to a high burden on those providing, gathering, and inputting information and low data quality overall.

In this paper, we present a framework for categorizing different information needs for OVC program management and evaluation. The purpose of this framework is to support OVC program staff and donors to more clearly define information-collection strategies based on the information needed, why it is needed, and by whom it is needed. This will improve the efficiency of data-collection efforts, and improve the availability of the right (high-quality) data for various decision-making processes.

Filed under: Monitoring, Evaluation , Orphans and Vulnerable Children