Data Demand and Use Concepts and Tools: A Training Tool Kit

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Author(s): MEASURE Evaluation

Year: 2018

Data Demand and Use Concepts and Tools: A Training Tool Kit Abstract:

This course aims to provide the conceptual basis for data use within an organization or program, or at the national, state, or district levels of government. Included in the course are several tools created by MEASURE Evaluation to facilitate the use of data in decision making. Specific learning objectives include:

  • Improving the understanding of the role of data in decision making, the context of decision making, the determinants of data use, and the importance of data sharing and feedback
  • Building skills for applying data demand and using tools

The course is intended to be delivered to teams of individuals from the same organization or government level. Each team should include both data users and data producers. Data users are health professionals, policymakers, and other key health decision makers who use data to inform the design, implementation, monitoring, and improvement of health programs. Data producers are professionals who acquire and analyze health data and prepare them for distribution to audiences of users. These include monitoring and evaluation (M&E) specialists, data clerks, or researchers. The team approach has proven effective because it ensures that all of those involved understand their respective roles in data demand and use, and how the roles interact with each other.

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