Getting lost in raster, vector, and shapefiles?

Find your way through geospatial data visualization.

Find your way through geospatial data visualization

No worries, try this set of six mini-tutorials containing practical, self-instruction tools. It introduces geographic information system (GIS) methods and skills and coaches you through successful GIS application and use. It comes with a glossary, key words, FAQs, and a guide to help you start plotting your data in QGIS in no time. When you’re ready, two online certificate courses also are available: Geographic Approaches to Global Health to learn how to use spatial data for decision making and GIS Techniques for M&E of HIV/AIDS and Related Programs to learn how to integrate, visualize, and analyze geographically referenced data extracted from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) and other key data sets to facilitate monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of HIV/AIDS programs. This online course was produced by MEASURE Evaluation with support from the United States Agency for International Development.

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