GEND_GBV Rapid Data Quality Review

Access the GEND_GBV Rapid Data Quality Review Tool and related resources.

To improve data quality of GEND_GBV—the PEPFAR monitoring, evaluation, and reporting (MER) indicator that captures the number of individuals who received post-violence clinical care services based on the minimum package—USAID engaged MEASURE Evaluation to identify gaps in indicator understanding, recording, and reporting. Together, USAID and MEASURE Evaluation developed and piloted a GEND_GBV Rapid Data Quality Review Tool.

This tool and resource collection is designed to identify data collection and reporting gaps to improve GEND_GBV data quality and should be used by implementing partners (IPs), PEPFAR country teams, and/or USAID/Washington.

We recommend using the Excel version of the tool when possible, as it includes formatting and automated features. We have also provided Word and PDF versions for printing when it is not possible to collect data via Excel. 

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