Dataverse Network: MEASURE Evaluation’s Online Data Archive

Access data from many MEASURE Evaluation studies by visiting MEASURE Evaluation’s data archive on the Dataverse Network, an online archive managed by the University of North Carolina’s Howard W. Odum Institute for Research in Social Science. The archive can be accessed for free by anyone with an Internet connection.

Most data can be downloaded immediately from the archive, but a few of the studies require permission from key stakeholders such as USAID and in-country government agencies (e.g. ministries of health) before any data can be released.

If a data set you are interested in is marked restricted, you will need to:

  1. Create a user account with Dataverse Network.
  2. Submit a data request form to MEASURE Evaluation so we can evaluate your request and seek the necessary approvals.
  3. If your data request is approved, we will send you a data use agreement outlining your responsibilities with regard to the use, security, and storage of the data. Sign and return the agreement, and we will release the data to you through the Dataverse Network site.

If you have any questions about the data request process, please contact us at

The following four tutorials will help you learn your way around MEASURE Evaluation’s online archive on the Dataverse Network. Beginning with an overview, the tutorials will walk you through each phase of the process, from reviewing the MEASURE Evaluation catalog of data sets to downloading and analyzing the data.

Dataverse Overview Video: A Primer on How to Access MEASURE Evaluation Data from the Online Data Archive

In 2013, MEASURE Evaluation entered a partnership with UNC’s Odum Institute to  store and distribute research data through an online archive managed by the Institute. The archive, called a Dataverse, is part of a larger, multi-institution data archiving initiative called Dataverse Network. The 3-minute video below introduces the MEASURE Evaluation Dataverse and provides instructions on how to find, access, and download data from the archive.

Dataverse Impacts VideoInterviews with Peter Lance, PhD and Stephanie Watson-Grant, DrPH on MEASURE Evaluation’s Data and the Benefits of a Data Archive

In the brief video below, two MEASURE Evaluation staff members discuss MEASURE Evaluation data and the advantages of having the Project’s data stored in a Dataverse, which allows data to be easily accessed by the public from anywhere in the world and instantly downloaded. Dr. Lance and Dr. Watson-Grant both have data stored in the MEASURE Evaluation Dataverse from studies they worked on under MEASURE Evaluation.


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