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In line with MEASURE Evaluation’s work to build capacity for monitoring and evaluation of key population programs, the accompanying indicators will guide HIV program implementers in the collection and analysis of data for essential indicators. The standardization and harmonization of essential indicators for performance monitoring improves the effectiveness of efforts to reduce HIV transmission and increases rates of enrollment and retention in care among transgender people, sex workers, men who have sex with men, or people who inject drugs. Community programs have relied on community workers and community mobilization interventions to address HIV risk in key populations through activities like health education, condom distribution, and community organizing, among others. Community and outreach workers and peer volunteers are essential for effective targeting of key populations and bridge populations because these workers have a unique capacity to identify locations of higher prevalence of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and offer support.

MEASURE Evaluation reached out to PEPFAR (United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief)—and other donor-supported programs implementing programs at the community level to support key populations, including the PEPFAR-funded LINKAGES—to obtain data collection tools. The tools received are used by community workers in Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Botswana to track and monitor outreach provided to key populations—including testing, sensitization trainings, and behavior change communication activities. The most common data elements among these tools were incorporated into the indicators in this collection. Each indicator is accompanied by a definition. These definitions were specifically designed to inform data collection by community programs and agents. To learn about the vulnerabilities faced by key populations living with, exposed to, or vulnerable to HIV (and to access associated tools and resources) go to the MEASURE Evaluation Key Populations or FHI360 LINKAGES main pages.

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